Traditional processes in field service companies are besieged with inefficiencies. When a company bases its business in hard copies that require direct management, things do not always go smoothly. People’s time, that could be used more productively elsewhere, is tied up in processing paperwork. Moreover, as a company grows, the processes used in paper transactions do not scale. Information is lost, duplicated, or worse, not on hand when a quick decision needs to be made.

The solution is to have a software-based field work order management system like Averiware. Averiware is an advanced field service management software that facilitates the digital transformation of service businesses. It can be accessed from anywhere, and integrates the management of work orders directly within your company workflow.

Averiware, with its focus on customer support, can make a difference and take your company from being a good field service company to a great field service company. Field service is not just a question of performing the requested installation and maintenance tasks. It involves much more. From job scheduling to customer management to inventory tracking and invoicing, Averiware helps you work more efficiently, reduce soft costs, and keep your customers happy.

Averiware includes the following key features:

  • Access from anywhere at any time: Averiware, like its name suggests, is fully mobile, allowing technicians to use the software on the go.
  • Field-based data collection: With Averiware, your technicians can create different forms, collect information while performing their work, pull in data to make real-time decisions on quotes, and much more. Data collected can be used to detect patterns in service provisions. This insight can prevent future problems by identifying incidents that recur frequently.
  • Powerful reporting system: Averiware allows users to choose between different sorting options and advanced searching of lists of tasks or technicians, for example. It also allows for the exporting of all types of reports in real time for future processing.
  • Greater control of operational costs: Averiware allows for optimization of many operational processes. For example, planning the allocation of technicians to increase efficiencies. Managers can allocate technicians based on location, knowledge, and availability. We also optimizes the time dedicated to each onsite visit and the resolution of each incident. Companies also control costs related to infrastructure—they do not need to invest in local infrastructure to provide support. Averiware is managed on the cloud.

Contact us and tell us what you need. Our experts will work with you to show you how Averiware can help resolve your business problems and get you to where you want to be.